Matt Crowe: Founder/CEO

As the founder of, Matt is no stranger to bold ideas. However, as a modern day Thomas Edison, he frequently experienced being a victim to the roadblock of all good ideas—execution. He understood that the reason a lot of visionaries couldn't leverage their ideas, was simply due to the limited amount of resources at their fingertips. Inspired by giving dimension to flat ideas and fueled by the notion of "social ideation," Crowe set out to create an online platform that would utilize the efficiencies of technology, elegant simplicity, and the unconventional thinking of crowds to propel to life.

In his free time, Matt Crowe continues to tease his curious and creative nature with astronomy, traveling, and AHHHA moments.
Charles "Chuck" Hollehorst: CFO

Chuck brings a strong legal and financial background to his role as CFO of Ahhha. Armed with a JD/MBA and a CPA license, Chuck has been a partner at Nicklaus, Braaten & Hollenhorst, PLLC for 12 years where he focused on securities, corporate, real estate, and litigation law. Prior to that he spent 15 years in CFO/Financial Leadership roles for a number of privately held and publicly TSX and Nasdaq traded corporations as well as serving as a Financial Auditor at Deloitte Touche.

In his free time he enjoys wild bird hunting with his Labradoodle Ginger. Yes, that's right... a "Labradoodle."
Ed Menendez: CTO

If you got technical difficulties, Ed is your leading man. With years of experience developing and managing technical teams, Ed now brings his high-tech, business savvy know-how to AHHHA. Prior to joining AHHHA, Ed was the VP of Development at, where he successfully created and evolved his very own team of developers. The team was key in tripling Voxy’s valuation in only 9 months. Before Voxy, Ed was the Director of Development at and has administered the growth of various high performance fantasy sports sites for AOL, eBay, The Onion, HGTV, PGA Tour and NASCAR as well as Fanball's own suite of games. Ed is a member of the Academy of Telivision Arts & Sciences (EMMY®).

When Ed isn't crunching technology, he likes to sink his teeth into philosophy, politics, football and of course some fantasy sports.
Mark Scally: COO

As a former CEO and Board Chair of RSM McGladery, Mark has the proven ability to see opportunities where most see red flags. With over 30 years of global business experience, Scally brings his international and strategic perspective, natural born leadership, and business intuition as the COO of AHHHA. When Mark isn’t leading the way, he plays an active role in the early childhood learning movement. As the President of Minnesota’s Business for Early Learning, he often speaks on the topics of child learning, development and preparing children for kindergarten.
Rocco Chappie: Director of Corp. Development

Rocco has a depth of experience in both technology and business. Prior to founding PharmaCapture, Rocco was a Business Development manager at GoDaddy, a leading Internet technology Company. He also founded D9 Web Technologies, a Web systems development company and has worked with a wide variety of firms ranging from Google, Intel, Symantec, Microsoft and AOL to Universal Music Group, VH1 and various production companies.

In his free time he and his daughter beat the crap out of people like Steven Segal with their mad Aikido skillz.
Jason Hardy: VP of Finance

Jason is a JD/MBA with over 20 years experience in public policy, strategic planning, and finance. He has held positions at The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Barents Group of KMPG, and Welsh Companies and at one time served as an advisor to the Minister of Finance of Kyrgyzstan. He continues to work regularly with many banks, institutional investors. Jason is able to delve into specific economic and legal aspects of any challenge while keeping in mind the overall strategies, objectives, and constraints of both investors and Ahhha.

In his spare time, Jason has a golf anywhere in any weather attitude and enjoys spending time his wife and their PS3.
Antone Johnson: Outside General Counsel

With more than a decade of experience in business law and emerging digital industries, Antone now brings his diverse expertise and unique perspective as the head of AHHHA's legal department. In the past, Johnson worked for MySpace, directed legal and government affairs teams as the VP of Legal Affairs at eHarmony, and was listed as one of Venture Hacks' recommended, "social startup lawyers." Originally from Palo Alto himself, Antone quickly became consumed by the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that makes up Silicon Valley and doesn't miss a tweet about entrepreneurship, the intersection of people, capital, technology, creativity, and anything social.

When Antone is not consulting on legal matters, he gets his creative fix by performing and recording indie rock, most recently with Man and the MotorCar.
Eric Taylor: Director Of Monetization

Eric received a triple major from the University of St. Thomas in Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Ahhha, Eric worked in institutional investing at Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, a consultant with over $80 billion under advisement. For Slocum, he analyzed and conducted due diligence on private equity and hedge fund investments for many institutions, endowments, and pension funds. Eric has also worked with PhD's on studies of the financial markets, and developed an equity valuation model used at the University of St. Thomas.

During college Eric was the Kicker on his football team... and you know what they say about kickers.
Dan Foote: Marketing Director and Brand Godfather

Dan brings his extensive wisdom of brand development and creative intuition as the Marketing Director and Brand Godfather of AHHHA. Equipped with over twenty-five years of marketing experience, Dan owned his own advertising agency, working with creative client big and small. He believes that a winning business is less about numbers or machines and more about having a vision, the guts to take a risk, and the creativity to present a solution. His ability to uncover relevant insight, seriously commit to users’ best interest, and lead brand focused messaging give the AHHHA brand a unique personality and ongoing pulse.

In his free time he enjoys double sided peanut butter jars.
Nicole Harrison: Director of Everything Social

Nicole brings a strong digital strategy and communications background to her role as Director of Everything Social of AHHHA. Prior to joining AHHHA Nicole founded SocialNicole, a digital communications agency with a focus on helping entrepreneurs effectively leverage social media and digital strategy to grow strategic relationships that put ideas into motion. Nicole's true talent lies in her ability to bridge technology and relationships understanding the nuances of what it means to be a social business and what it means to make technology work for humans.

In her spare time Nicole supports the "First Woman on Mars" astronaut career aspirations of her teen-age daughter and caters to the whims of her canine companions, Pippin and Lucy.
Aaron Bolanos: Tech Engineer

After being stationed in Japan for the US Marine Corps, Aaron got excited about computers and technology. He is proficient in multiple programming languages, disparate systems integration, and has a deep knowledge of API integrations. Aaron's skills are uniquely balanced with both computer software and hardware. His passion is new and innovative technology.

A member of "The Few. The Proud."~ US Marines.
Leeza Kuznetsova: Creative Strategy & Storytelling

As a copywriter, Leeza brings a young perspective, her love for word tailoring, and a passion for relating to people in a relevant way. Prior to joining AHHHA, Leeza studied Strategic Communications and Advertising in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Minnesota. Her own eureka moments connect her to the core of AHHHA, while her creative nature really helps bring the AHHHA story to life.

Leeza loves everything creative, witty, and isn’t afraid to use her words. One day, she hopes to have her own big idea come through. In the meantime, Leeza continues to be an avid brain-stormer and AHHHA chaser.
Nathan Erickson: Director of Making Sh*t Happen

As a true AH-vangelist and the Director of Making Shit Happen, Nathan oversees product development, production and profitability. He juggles all the details of new ideas and is the bridge between claimed AHHHA's and turning them into a reality. When he's not thinking of turning AHHHA's into reality, you can find him well above ground level...flying, rock/ice climbing or doing anything that involves the outdoors and playing in the mountains. It is this kind of non-yielding passion that goes into everything Nathan puts his mind to that makes him the perfect addition to the AHHHA Team.
Jenny Wales: Product Design Intern

As a 3D-esigner, Jenny brings her unique eye for creating and curiosity for tapping into new mediums by visually and effectively bringing key messages to life. Prior to joining AHHHA, Jenny studied Product Design and Communications in Stanford University. While at Stanford, Jenny studied abroad in Berlin and worked on video production, branding, and programming at a design and manufacturing company in western Germany. Jenny also worked as a Graphic Designer and Advertising Business Manager at Stanford Student Enterprises, designing Stanford apparel and advertisements for Bay Area businesses. It is Jenny’s diverse experience and ability to visually articulate her ideas that keep the wheels behind AHHHA turning.

In her free time, Jenny plays tennis and golf. She loves trying new restaurants and adventuring around the Bay Area.
Shaun Stehly: UI/UX Design Intern

Don't let the name “Designer” fool you. With a Communications degree and a minor in Art Studio from the University of Stanford, Shaun's humble attitude, eye for design and mind for making all the moving parts seamlessly flow together make him a valuable asset to AHHHA.

While at Stanford, Shaun worked as a Manager of Strategic Partnerships at DocuHomes, where he focused heavily on developing a brand and managing an online marketing campaign. With a passion for gaming, it's only a perfect fit that Shaun also works as an App Designer for ChangeLabs, where he is in charge of design, development and the back end calculations. In fact, his motto is “if it fails the first time, hit “continue” and try again!”

When Shaun isn't connecting the dots at AHHHA, you can be sure to spot him sharing, creating and...
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